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How to setup Shipping and Delivery


Give delivery options to your customers

1. Navigate to Shipping settings

1.1 When you log into your account, you will be re-directed to your account home page. Here, click on your user icon and choose ‘Vendor Dashboard

1.2 Click on ‘Settings‘ in the menu on the left, and then ‘Shipping‘. You will then be directed to the settings page for your shipping options

1.3 (OPTIONAL) Originally, shipping is already set up as a single ‘zone‘, so if you wish to set up your own parameters, just click on the link in the top description which lets you switch back to the older shipping system

2. Setting shipping pricing

2.1 While making sure you have selected the ‘Enable shipping functionality’ checkbox, next fill in your shipping prices

The ‘Per Product Additional Price’ and ‘Per Qty Additional Price’ fields are there should you wish to charge additionally per item, or per group of items when delivering to your client

3. Processing time and Policies

3.1 Next, select the amount of days needed to process and deliver the customer’s order

3.2 Should you wish to uphold your own delivery policies, you can add them here in the ‘Shipping-‘ and ‘Refund Policy’ fields

3.3 In the ‘Ships from’ field, choose one of the options from the drop-down list which better describes where your order will be shipping from to the client

4. Set locations and pricing

4.1 In the following fields, you can add and set up different ship-to locations, as well as add states and costs

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