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How to list a new product

The very first step

1. Opening up the 'Add New Product' dialog

1.1 When you log into your account, you will be re-directed to your account home page. Here, click on your user icon and choose ‘Vendor Dashboard

1.2 Scroll down and look for the ‘Product‘ button in the menu on the left (second option)

A popup window will appear where you will upload and input all relevant information regarding your new product

2. Brief description of the 'Add New Product' dialog

2.1 Once the popup is shown, you will notice that this is where you add your photos, description, pricing, and loads of other useful information regarding your product.

Pricing is set here, as well as any discounted pricing you may eventually decide to schedule on your product

3. Adding a product image

3.1 With the ‘Add New Product‘ popup open, click on the ‘Upload a product cover image‘ icon in the top left

3.2 If the image has not been uploaded yet, click on the ‘Upload files‘ tab at the top. Select the file which you wish to upload

3.3 Once uploaded and selected, your ‘Media Library‘ will be updated with the newly added image. Notice the additional fields to the right as you scroll down to save your selection

Here you can permanently delete the image, add alternative text (for screen readers), set a title, add an description, etc…

3.4 At the bottom, click now on the ‘Set product image‘ button to save your selection

4. Adding gallery images

4.1 If you have multiple images for your product, you can upload these as ‘gallery images’. The icon is located just underneath your product image, the small ‘plus‘ sign

4.2 Click on the icon, and you will be directed back to your gallery selection popup where you can choose the relevant images you wish to add

4.3 Once selected, confirm and save your selection by clicking on the ‘Add to gallery‘ button

5. Adding a description and pricing

5.1 With the new product popup dialog still open, enter your product description and pricing

5.2 Note the ‘Discounted price‘ field. If desired, you can set specified dates between which this discounted price will be available, or you can leave it blank

5.3 Set your product category by selecting one from the drop-down menu

5.4 You may enter ‘tags‘ for your product, which are just keywords or phrases that identify and/or categorise your product

5.5 Underneath the tags field is your product long description, which you can use to expand on the details regarding your product

5.6 Once done, click on the purple ‘Create product‘ button to save your newly created product


When creating a new product item, take note of the checkboxes just below your product description

If your product is software or services, make sure to check the corresponding box, as this can negatively effect your delivery options. Especially when setting up your shipping details

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